We are a new church planted in the heart of Palo Alto. We’re here because we believe that God has positioned us in this community to serve Him by loving and sharing His truth to all who come. We invite you to walk with us whether you’ve been seeking to understand what life in Christ looks like or simply want to grow in your faith.

We meet at Jerusalem Baptist Church: 398 Sheridan Avenue Palo Alto, California

2015 FOCUS

"LIVING IN THE LIGHT" Psalm 119:105

Dear Church,

As I was meditating on His Words for our church, God reminded me of Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (NKJV) The Scriptures remind us that we find true love, joy and peace in His steps, let it also give us strength to walk in the light as the Lord guides us with His words of life.

So church, I thank the Lord for giving me His words to pray for you, His Scripture to teach you and His profound message to bless you, and thus rejoice all the more in God my Savior for giving me His Spirit to empower and illuminate His truth so that we can “walk in the light” while in this world. Great is the Lord for His continual guidance to us His children! May we “continue to walk in His light because He is in the light.” (1 John 1:7a) and enter this year with great anticipation and trembling, believing that God will empower us with His Holy Spirit to first grow the truth in our hearts and then live it out and bear lasting fruit for Christ…

Your pastor,
Hoonie Kim


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