Avenue Baptist Church  (we are currently updating our site)

Just as the early Christians in Antioch paved the way for all to come to Christ, we at Avenue Baptist Church will strive to be an avenue where hearts can walk towards God and daily live for Him. There are many avenues in this World and each of us makes a choice as to which we will take, but for us the only avenue towards life is through Jesus. We invite you to walk with us.

Sunday Worship location:
1690 Morgan Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
Worship time: 10am

for more information: info@avebaptistchurch.org


Our Running Club


Church Resources

If you decide to take the Read-Through-the-Bible challenge, please email pastorhoonie@avebaptistchurch.org to confirm so we can encourage you along the way!)

- Read Through the Bible in 6 Months (pdf)
- Read Through the Bible in 9 Months (pdf)

(we are currently updating our site)