50 Mile UltraGiving Challenge



50 Mile UltraGiving Challenge

How to join the challenge?
Online fundraising site

End-of-Season Race:

Summer Rreeze [official site]
(10k & Half-Marathon)
Location: San Leandro, CA
Date: Saturday, 8/5/17

10K & Half Training plans [pdf]
Dates to remember
H&S Calendar
Frequently Asked Questions


Tuesdays @ Morgan House, Mountain View, CA [Please check our running group calendar for more accurate place, dates and time]

About Us
Heart + Sole is a running group that wants to go the extra mile with you. Most of us would not consider ourselves natural runners or people who ever imagined they would start running, but have found that training alongside others encourages a healthy fellowship and brings us into relationships with the community and even the world.

Together we have ran and raised over $10,000 to bring clean water overseas and provide resources to mentor young children through Samaritan’s Purse. This year we will partner with Baptist Global Response.

At Heart & Sole you won’t have to worry about having the fancy dri-fit or latest gadgets, or have already completed a marathon to start running with us. We meet you where you are and hopefully try and challenge you to go a little further. So let’s have some fun through the sweat, and get on the road together. Join us!


Please always check our calendar for exact place, time and date for all our meetings

1. Relationships are more important than the runs themselves. We run together, cheer each other on, leave no one behind.
2. We tend to be working professionals in our late 20’s to early 40’s. But everyone 13+ is welcome. Youth will need their parent’s permission to run.
3. Tuesdays in Training- we meet at a member’s garage and run various routes from the Permanente Creek Trail. These runs are flat and mostly asphalt with some dirt.
4. Monthly Dinner (every 2nd Tuesday)- We know not everyone talks while they run, so we want to set aside a night to get to know our runners better over a home cooked meal.
5. We pray before we eat. “Eh? I thought you were just a running group?”
When we get a chance to share a meal together, we like to say prayer for the meal. Up to you of course to join us, but wanted to give you a heads up. This running group is sponsored and led by members of Avenue Baptist Church, and we welcome everyone, whether you hold similar beliefs or not.
6. All members of Heart & Sole who fundraise with us will receive a 25% discount on early race registration fees for select races we enter together in appreciation for your help.
7. Do you only run? We like to hike and cycle too, and will be sprinkling in a few hikes and rides throughout the year.

• Must sign an emergency waiver form before your first run and give to one of the staff
• No shirts, no shoes, no service. Srsly though can you keep your shirt on?
• Keep it clean- no dirty gear lying around. Please wipe down all used H&S gear with anti-bacterial wipes so that others can use freely.
• Snack bar is open 24/7 feel free to take what you need for the day’s run. Please hold onto your own half eaten snacks and feel to bring any extra snacks you want to share : )
• First aid is in the first shelf of the wooden drawer chest, please take what you need

• Stick to the course for the day, don’t veer off
• We do our best to start the runs on times so if you're running late, please let one of the staff know ahead of time
• Wear lights or reflective clothing when running at night, we have lights you can borrow
• Let us know if you get hurt while running so we can help
• Give us a heads up if you decide to bring a friend
• Hydrate and eat before you run
• Know your limits, don’t outrun yourself
• If you want a pacing buddy, ask! Don’t assume. We run together, but don’t always run side by side.
• Keep the pets at home. We love our furry friends, but we want to keep the running club for people