2017 CAUSE: "50 Mile UltraGiving Challenge"
Now in our fourth season, we’ve become even more convicted that we’re not just “Running with purpose”, but “Running with purpose, together”. There’s an African proverb that comes to mind: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We believe God revealed a need within our own church to collaborate with our Operation Christmas Child ministry team and go farther together..

This year Heart & Sole is embarking on a 50 mile Ultra Giving Challenge. We are calling all runners to join our team in training and run 50 miles from May 9 to Aug 4. Every mile we run together would be sponsored and these funds would help send our 500 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes all over the world.


Few of us ever thought we would be running anything, much less a 10k, half marathon or even marathon, but we believe that God can use our bodies for much more, and will endure the pain to raise awareness about the needs of others. Inevitably we’ll experience blisters, achy joints, strained hamstring or two, but when we step back and consider what daily life looks like for people across the world, we have nothing to complain about. We kindly ask, will you also go the distance with us?


1. Who is it for and Who can join?
Anyone can join but must be committed to running 50 miles WITH Heart & Sole. The point is to do it together

2. How can I join?
Review the training plan and confirm you can physically be present to run 50 miles with H&S

3. But I’m not a runner!
You don’t have to be, you just need to commit to running 50 miles. Miles walked will not be counted, only miles run.
Sign the commitment card in-person by coming to a H&S Training Run by June 20 (please see our Key Dates)



That every runner who commits to this challenge will be faithful to complete it.

That we will be able to collect enough funds to ship 500 boxes.

That God will bring more runners to join us in running with purpose. That we can spread the Word!

That each child who receives one of our shoeboxes will hear more about how much God loves them and gain a new perspective and hope about life in Christ.



1. Pledge your commitment to donate: Pledge Forms

2. After your runner has completed their 50 miles of training they will contact you and you can donate at our online fundraising site: Youcaring.com